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Process Bridge for Microsoft Project

Process Bridge is an add-in to Microsoft Project that organizes the elements (toolbars, views, tables, filters, groups, fields, etc.) in Microsoft Project to accomplish these two objectives:

1) Provide a process that can direct, step-by-step, a new Microsoft Project user on how to best build and manage a project plan using best practices.

2) Make Microsoft Project more intuitive and easier to use for both experienced and inexperienced users.

Customer comments

““Great class! Well worth the time. Don’t know how I’ve been accomplishing things without this knowledge.”— Houlihan’s Restaurant, Kansas City, Missouri ““I would like to thank you for a great training experience last week! It was clear to me that both you and Tom are at the VERY TOP of your game! I really appreciated the ‘small class’ environment and…

EPM & Microsoft Project Web-Based (Remote) Training

We have been in education for decades and along the way have seen trends come and go including video training, electronic classrooms, and interactive CDs. For whatever reasons, face to face classroom-like models have always seemed to work the best for everyone involved. Well developed classroom training has always provided the best vehicle for knowledge and skill transfer to individuals…

Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Training at Your Location

Traditionally, most management and software related training has been conducted onsite at your location or locations. We have been doing most of our training that way for the last 20 years and have trained thousands of EPM project managers, administrators, executives, resource managers, and team members in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We can also work…