Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Training at Your Location

onsite16Traditionally, most management and software related training has been conducted onsite at your location or locations. We have been doing most of our training that way for the last 20 years and have trained thousands of EPM project managers, administrators, executives, resource managers, and team members in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

We can also work with you to train your people under almost any constraints. We have trained on weekends and off hours, in barns, bars and boardrooms, with friendly and not so friendly groups, and during hurricanes and national emergencies. At times we have brought entire classrooms onsite with us and at other times worked in secrecy behind guarded doors.

We have worked with interpreters and with experienced and inexperienced participants. We have trained small groups of one or two people and we have trained hundreds of users across multiple sites.

On the construction site, in the lab, on the factory floor, in the disaster recovery area; almost any place you can think of we have been there training groups of EPM users. 

Whatever your EPM training needs are, we can work with you to get your people up to speed.

Most of our on-site EPM training consists of some variation of these core workshops:

  • Enterprise Project Management Boot Camp
  • Project Server Configuration and Administration
  • Project Server Technical Administration
  • Microsoft Project and Project Web Access/Windows SharePoint Services
  • Project Management Theory





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